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Thread: Stomach stone

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    Stomach stone

    Just wondered if anyone has found a stone in the stomach of a deer?
    I shot two fallow the other day and when gralloching found a 21/2" stone in the stomach of one them. I know birds swallow stones to help with digestion, is this the same with deer? I have not found anything like this before.

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    Most ruminants pick up a few stones as they graze and some will remain in the rumen - 1st stomach or reticulum - 2nd stomach. They don't do anything for digestion and rarely cause harm.

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    I have found stones, wire, rope and plastic silage wrap all in different deer. They dont pick up the stones as they graze they pick them up to chew and probably just swallow them inadvertently. Deer love chewing plastic.

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    Thanks for the info.
    Speaking to the other half who's a medical secretary, she brought to my attention, unborn foetus or eggs that have turned to calcium balls. Don,t know if that's possible as well?

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    A dead foetus can dry up and calcify, it is called a mummified foetus. However these would be found in the uterus not the stomach! It has just occurred to me by stomach did you mean you found this 'stone' in the animal's rumen or abdominal cavity?


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