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Thread: Ruger Hawkeye

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    Ruger Hawkeye

    Posting in the right place, I hope.

    Hello Everyone,

    By accident really I came across a synthetic stock ruger hawkeye 243. Standard barrel, screw cut. New, so the chap reckoned.

    It wasn't what I was in the shop to buy and was not what I was considering for stalking, but it felt nice and had a good balance. Some rifles you pick up and think 'You and me could be friends, but I don't know anything about you'.

    Has anyone any experience of the Hawkeye in this calibre?


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    a friend of mine has one in .308
    and thinks the world of it
    some where on the site i think i posted some comments on it i shall try and find it if i can then get back to you

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    i hav to agreee that any modern rifle will do the trick, but tonite i was impressed by a ruger hawkeye in 308 , never saw how it performed in the field as there was no shot on tonite but it handled nice and very light and such a smooth action, felt quite well built at under 700

    i thought i wote a little more about it sorry,
    hopefully a few more of the tech guys on here can help

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    Thanks Stone.

    It's actually hard to find anybody who has one! Lots of people recoomending things like Tikkas, Remmy, Browning etc - all in my price range, but they are popular rifles. I don't know anyone who has a Hawkeye.


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    A friend has an old M77 Mk2 mountain rifle in .243 - nice little rifel that shoots well. Trigger is a bit heavy, but nothing that a good gunsmith should n't be able to sort out. I looked at a new Ruger the other day - left hand in 7mm Rem Mag - seemed like a lot of rifle for the price.

    The Hawkeye does look a nice rifle and I do like the mauser type action with controlled feed. But every Riger I have tried has a very short stock for me and that is a draw back - albeit readily fixable with a bit of woodwork.

    Heym SR20

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    I have a ruger 77mk2 in 243. it is very accurate very light and really a nice little rifle.

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