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Thread: Reloader 22 for 25.06.

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    Reloader 22 for 25.06.

    Hi All,

    Are there any members out there who are using RELOADER 22 for their 25.06.
    Will be pleased to hear about any loads,bullet weights and performance figures,especialy in 22" barrels and above.

    Regards "Dances with Deer".

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    I use 42gr N140 100gr Hornady, can't improve on one hole.


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    after a lot of experimrnting, I eventually used the recipe in the nosler reloading handbook for 100g 25-06, most accurate load, which is about 49 gr of IMR 4381, iirc. good enough for my shooting standard.

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    Alliant Powder can provide you with their favorite "recipes" for RL22. ~Muir

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlyBoy270 View Post
    I use 42gr N140 100gr Hornady, can't improve on one hole.

    42gn, is that a typo? That seems like a very low load of a too fast powder.
    Quickload calculates that would only give 75% load fill, under 2900 fps and only 1800ft/lb. Slower burning Reloder 22 would be more suitable with a moderate load of 58.9gn giving over 3300fps and 2500ft/lb.

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    Vhitavouri must have got it wrong then !

    No Typo. Max load listed is 42.9gr. N140 giving 3031 fps, I have used 51gr N160 for Stalking but Chono showed it was actually slower and it was not as accurate, I am using a 26" tube Remmy Sendero. I find running 25-06 a bit slower results in less meat damage, never had a runner with 25-06. As I say this is purely my experience over the last 10 years using this calibre.

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    Hi Muir, thanks for that ,most helpful.

    Regards "Dances with Deer".

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    Nice one Flyboy,

    All very useful info,

    Regards "Dances with Deer".

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    I don't have a 25-06, but was just surprised to see such a relatively low power output for quite an overbore high capacity cartridge. A slower burning powder should give greater velocities, especially with your long barrel, but I now understand your point about excessive meat damage. Therefore, low-ish loading makes sense, especially if it gives great accuracy.

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    Tikka T3 all velocities via Chronograph

    R22, 51.5, CCI Mag, Hornady 117 = 2865 Fine on deer

    R22, 57, CCI Mag, Speer 100 = 3248 blows up on Fallow

    R22, 55, CCI Mag, Barnes TSX 100 = 3102 so far excellent on deer

    Other loads tried in T3 117 bullet

    AA3100, 52.5, CCI Mag, Hornady 117 = 2951

    Federal, 117 = 2772

    AA 4350, 49, CCI Mag, Hornady 117 = 2908

    Vhit 160, 47.7, CCI Mag, Hornady 117 = 2824

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