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Thread: what is the law on handed in weapons

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    what is the law on handed in weapons

    Hi all ,

    Just wondered if there is a new law when it comes to guns been handed in to a dealer if so let me know but here is the reason why i ask.

    On friday a old friend told me that a neighbour in his 80`s had died and the wife and daughter had found 3 guns , which where a 9mm garden gun and a 12bore hammer which both where knackered and a colt 44 six shooter revolver missing its hammer and workings.
    so i took these of them and put them in the register and informed the police by email.THEN today i got a call of the police saying that they are sending around forensics to take them away to check and then to be destroyed.
    That i dont mind at all but i want the colt back after that but was told i could not have it back because the law has changed as from last year ????? I have never been informed on this and niether as other dealers i have spoke to today.

    can anyone shed any light on this.


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    I dont know about what your asking as such chris but I disposed of an old shotgun I was given via the police which I had chopped into three inch pieces , barrells n all. Took it to the station and the guy said I will have to call the ARV for them to check its unloaded...unloaded I said its in pieces. A short while later he came back all red faced and accepted it. I have been told though since, that if you dispose of a gun via the police it gets added to the guns that they have removed from the streets as such which of course isnt true that is I dont know. But if you do it via a gun dealer it doesnt get added to stats

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    the bit i dont understand is that i have made them legal and i dont mind the checks the police have to do but it does not give them the right to keep them.

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    Dont know about down in england but here they would be yours once they had went through an RFD and placed back on the register nd i suppose the pistol as long as it was officially de armed would be classed as a collectors piece

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    Hi Chris
    According to what I have heard from a friend in the past who was a dealer I think you should have just wrote surrended and no name ( no come backs ) to encourage them to hand the guns in , they are just happy to get them off the streets, ask your FFO I'm sure that's correct ! You would not be allowed the pistol back because it is section 5 now , and if you are not section 5 registered as a dealer you cannot have it. DONE FINISHED !

    Hope this is of help Chris.


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    Can't really help you on this one Chris
    as the law are a law unto themselves
    last time I handed/surredered a firearms in for destruction and got a reciept for it stating that fact,
    it turned up at one of the many police auctions for sale a few months later
    so I bought it back
    that was a few years ago now
    I'm sure their attitude towards you getting it back may hav changed but I bet if you keep your eyes open it will turn up at some auction or another
    maybe just ask, you might get told where it will really end up and when
    As I can't see them loosing that revenue that handed in guns used to generate

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    You could ask to keep it for sentimental reasons and have it deactivated but i dont fancy your chances

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    as I understand it from Durham Tees Valley you must hand all weapons in so that the police can sell them for personal profit!!!


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    was the pistol a black powder capping or a cartrige pistol ? .If it was a capping pistol it could be classed as antique also it could not not be fired (no hammer) you would only need a fac if you wanted to shoot it. Even some cartrige pistols are classed as obsolete and do not need a section 1.
    "a man does good business when he rids himself of a turd"

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    I would have thought that surely a surrendered gun to a dealer once on the register and checked would be suitable for return to a dealer. Is it worth giving the basc types a ring to check?

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