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Thread: Ammmo prices.

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    Ammmo prices.

    Went to the gunshop today for a box of Winchester Super X 55g in .243.Dealer brought them out for perusal....aesthetically beautiful in silver, like a new car in a showroom.I'll have those I thought "how much are they?" I asked......"34.00 " he said.I left with a box of Winchester Accutip 75g load.Even they were 27.00 !.Never mind fuel going up! the last box of Super X's I bought still gave me change from a twenty.

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    old picture.

    read it and weep.
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    I'll need to change jobs!!!!

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    Did you buy them from DO'D at central Scotland shooting school? there is a man who knows how to charge

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taystalker View Post
    Did you buy them from DO'D at central Scotland shooting school? there is a man who knows how to charge
    Old D'OD is good at the shotgun shell prices, one of the cheapest for the cartridges I use about here.

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    No Taystalker further South.

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    Oilman I'm in Bathgate as well.Pleased to meet you.

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    I have recently paid 40 for a box of 25-06 100 grain b/t.....................home loading is on the cards.

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    Ha, i once owned and shot competitively a 338 lapua. A weekend shoot would often exceed 100 - 150 rounds. Even re-loading, the prices would make you sob.

    You'd be prone behind the rifle, shoot a round and some smart-arse would call "there's another 2.20!"

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    Just happened to come across this the other day 141.90 for a box of twenty which equates to 638.50 per 100 rounds, and that's for Remington I'd hate to think what the good stuff costs. Macleod normally seems reasonable on ammo prices and often has some very good prices advertised so I am not picking them out in this only commenting on the price of factory ammo in the U.K. I just wonder what the more exotic African calibres cost to run as .375 is pretty much run of the mill in some countries.
    I have a 9.3x74r and factory ammo costs for that are pretty close to that of the .375H&H, it's a rifle you don't tend to shoot a lot of, but in order to be able to shoot it becomes essential to reload even then bullets are expensive, cases I buy from Germany on e-gun.

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