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Thread: 338 Win Mag

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    338 Win Mag

    Too larger calibre for stalking ? Anyone any experience ? If so what do you load and whats the meat damage like ? Also what species have you shot.

    All advice greatfully received



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    Simples, 'yes'...good for target shooting at extended distances perhaps. Good for african game or grizzly/elk, etc. but UK deer species..

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    PKL you're not confusing Win Mag with Lapua Mag are you?

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    I would tend to agree with PKL. If you're hunting primarily deer then it is a very heavy caliber.~Muir

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    The .33 cal was tried before but they made the mistake of making it an Express and used light for calibre 180 Grn bullets and it did not find favor.The depression helping put the nails into it's coffin.

    You see BSA introduced a .33 Hi Velocity belted cartridge back in 1929 and the case was very similar to the later .338 Winchester. You might have had easier luck with the licensing Officer with the BSA .33 as it does not use the dreaded word "Magnum" which in any case was and is the term for a large Wine vessel/bottle.

    Now considering the cost of powder today and do we honestly believe it will come down in price?

    One might consider the 9.3x62 as a better bet.

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    This is kind of a tough call. I consider the .338 Win Mag one of the 'best' cartridges for North America. Many people don't realize that the .338 WM shoots 'flatter' (and hits 'harder') than the 7mm RM. It's definitely "too much" for roe and smaller deer. It's not "too much" for sika, fallow and reds or boar. Also, I prefer the 180s, but they are more difficult to get to shoot straight in my .338. I mostly use Nosler 210s (because they shoot the straightest) and Hornady 220s. There's no need for anything heavier, but that doesn't prevent the macho types from thinking they "need" 250s and more.

    As to species I've shot with my .338 Win Mag: sitka black-tail deer (Odocoileus hemionus sitkensis, 200 lb live weight average), mountain goat (Oreamnos americanus, 250 lb live weight), dall sheep (Ovis dalli dalli, live weight 250 lbs,) caribou (Ranginfer tarandus, live weight 450 lbs), black bear (Ursus americanus, live weight 200-300 lbs), grizzly bears (Ursus horribilis, live weight 300 lb), coastal brown bears (Ursus horribilis, live weight 800-1200 lbs). The .338 Win Mag does NOT cause "extra" meat damage. The worst meat "damage" I ever experienced in my life was using 175-grain round-nosed 7mm bullets.

    As with all "magnum" cartridges, it doesn't NEED to be loaded to max pressures. That said, there are other .338 cartridges that use smaller cases - .338-'06, (pretty much the same as the .338x63 or 64 or 65), .338-08 (AKA .338 Federal). (I have a .338 Federal. It's a fine cartridge.) Any of those would probably allow one to use the cartridge on roe and smaller deer. HOWEVER, I find it hard to believe, based on what I read here at the SD, that it wouldn't be an "uphill battle" to get a .338 caliber cartridge "allowed" for stalking. Too much ignorance about firearms by the "constabulary" and too much ignorance by stalkers about the cartridge. At the same time, a 9.3 caliber cartridge, .366" in diameter, would be perfectly "OK". Once labeled "magnum", "we" all KNOW that ANY cartridge is just devastatingly more powerful.

    The .338 Win Mag is an excellent cartridge, especially among those cartridges with the "magnum" appellations. However, for both socio-political and practical reasons, I can't really see it as a viable cartridge for the British Isles.


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    A friend of mine has a .338 win mag conditioned for deer in the U.K. but he had a bit of a job persauding the local constabulary to grant it, simply because they automatically assumed he wanted a .338 Lapua magnum which he didn't.

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    Ahhh Gitano,

    I suggested the 9.3x62 as it's a "known" std cartridge not because it's better. Just the Plods are more likely to come across it . Also it will use a bit less powder and wit the prices now .

    I had forgotten about the .338 Federal probably a bit new for me .

    Ahhh yes accordign the Plods there is only one .338 and that's .338 lapua. They covet it and I beleive that Lincs Police have a couple and that's frightening really they are incompetant enough with their 9mm spray an pray guns so God help us when they start playing with the .338'S

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    Scrun , the best person to speak to is Steve Bowers , specialist rifle services , he builds .338s or anything else you like from scratch . Steve will give you sencible advise on the calliber . If your after a deer/target round i would look at the 30.06 ACK IMP

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    Hello scrun

    Not the same caliber i know but i use a 375 H+H Magnum for Roe Fallow + Red and whatever else i come across and the meat damage is no different to my .243 .270 .308 if anything its less you just get more knock down power they don't run !!!!!!!!!!!!

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