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Thread: Deerhunter ram trousers - rustley ???

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    Deerhunter ram trousers - rustley ???

    Dear All,

    I bought a pair of the above and have tried them on in the house. They seem to rustle very loudly when I move. The rustling seems to be caused by the three layers of fabric within the trousers rubbing together rather than the legs rubbing against each other. I can do that MC Hammer dance (legs wide apart) and they still make a noise.

    Has anyone else had this problem with Ram trousers?

    Also, I think the modern equivalent of my old Huntsville trousers are the Smallville ones. I haven't taken the tags of the Ram ones yet so I might try and swap them. Does anyone know if the Smallvilles are quiet.



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    hi bob i have they pacha ones which are the same but a couple of washes with soap flakes takes care of them ,atb wayne

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    Hi Bob,I agree with Mereside,after a few washes they do quiet down a bit,otherwise you have to walk like John Waye im afraid.
    Atb John

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    No probs with mine, i wore mine rough shooting a few times first though, but quiet when stalking

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