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Thread: Any Stalking in Gloucestershire??

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    Any Stalking in Gloucestershire??

    Hi all,

    Is there anyone out there who provides Stalking in the Gloucester / Cheltenham area, preferably on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday evening? I know this is a specific request but I work in this area during the week and then return home to Dorset at the weekends.
    Also, my FAC application is still in the hands of the gods so the use of the 'estate rifle' would be required if possible.
    Many thanks in advance to anyone who can help



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    Paul, I think Mike might????? have some stalking that way. Have a word with him
    I might be wrong however but I'm pretty sure he has a bit of ground that way.

    All the best with the application, I know how tough it can be!!!!!!!!


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    I have some available near Burford if that is of any interest?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Outside View Post
    I have some available near Burford if that is of any interest?
    Hi Outside,

    I have just checked where Burford is and it's only about 40 minutes away from me. I'm in Cheltenham (during the week). So that's great!
    To that end I am very interested in coming down. I will pm you with my contact details.

    Thanks for getting touch

    Best regards


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