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Thread: Chamois Hunting

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    Chamois Hunting

    Just got back from a week skiing in Switzerland and everyday whilst in the cable car watched a group/herd of about 20 chamois on the mountain. Now to hunt these animals in the most spectacular scenery would have to be the ultimate hunting experience in europe for me. Now its not something I will be doing anytime soon but it just got me thinking it would be a great thing to do. Am I right in thinking that it would be outrageously expensive? even if a medal animal were not to be involved?


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    It shouldn't be outrageously expensive, although the obvious flight and accomodation costs would apply! The guide we used on our recent Bulgaria Boar trip organises such hunting so could pass his info onto you if required !


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    Where in Switzerland were you skiing?



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    Hi George
    Its one of my dreams to hunt Chamois, think I've finaly sorted a swap hunt in Austria so it doesn't have to cost you a fortune.

    Atb Wayne

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    Quote Originally Posted by jon2 View Post

    Where in Switzerland were you skiing?


    Wengen, near to lauterbrunnen.

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    You can hunt them in NZ at reasonable costs, the price on the Swarvoski estate 8 years ago was 1,500 per animal not sure what it would be now. I hunted them in NZ but without any luck a couple of years ago. I would like to have another crack at them, you need to be fit though, very very fit by UK standards.



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    I hunted in Switzerland and it costed 1200 CHF whatever the trophy was.

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    Hi George,

    Chamois hunting is great here in Bulgaria and very inexpensive compared to other European countries!!

    Please contact me to see what we have on offer here.


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    Amazing wild boar and deer hunting opportunity
    I am an expat living in Bulgaria and my business partner and i can offer amazing hunting opportunities here. Please click on the link to see our presentation:
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    Hey Wayne, where you going to in Austria out of interest and what time of year. I was there after the 'gams' a couple of years ago, it was superb.

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