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Thread: which is best airline

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    which is best airline

    following on from the wolf and lynx post i may now go to canada instead , so guys which is best airline ,
    i have only flown 3 times before so never been across the atlantic with or with out rifles


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    If taking guns as hand luggage you may be limited, continental allow you to, well did last sept, air canada is the worst I have flown with, the rest you get what you pay for.

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    Canadian affair will sort any problems you have going out to Canada
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    The one with the best price, you pay for what you get these days!

    I would get a idea of price off of the internet then give the price to the travel agent and see if they can match it or come close. Better for them to arrange it all for you, easier if anything goes wrong!
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    You really do need to know which airline is operating the flight, not just who you get your booking from. Get everything in writing, not just book online for the cheapest price.

    Legacy airlines tend to be OK with firearms, charter tend to be "fluffy" and can then change their mind as they move you from carrier to carrier.


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    Continental allow guns in hand luggage?

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    If you need to fly internal prior to catching an Atlantic flight avoid Ryanair like the plague.................I fly with them twice a week and they are a shower of ****.............I would rather swim the Atlantic coverered in lard and dripping before using them for any part of my travel plan.

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    I've flown Air Canada and BA to Vancouver several times, BA wins hands down.

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    Not much help I'm afraid but I've flown to and from Canada quite a few times (I used to live there) and have flown with Air Canada, BA, Air Transat and Zoom. Each time was a different experience so it appears very much to depend on who is on check-in. One word of advice, don't wait in the queue to check-in, tell one of the check-in staff that you are flying with firearms, sometimes you'll get breezed through like a VIP, if not - at least you'll have the time to jump through all the hoops. Waiting for a police officer to check the serial numbers of my weapons on the last flight from Toronto certainly had me sweating, we had to run all the way to the plane and were the last ones to board, you can imagine the understanding looks (not!) that we got from the other passengers as we made our way through the cabin!

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    Only flown with firearms for the one trip back in 2003 and I booked the flights through Expedia. I flew transatlantic with Delta from Gatwick and I checked with Delta's desk at North terminal before flying. Good job I did as they didn't know the procedure. Once we got it sorted on the morning of the flight it went smoothly and my check in was faster than other peoples.

    From working at Gatwick in the past and have friends who worked for BA that would be the last airline I would choose to fly with. At one time there was a clique who would deliberately damage firearms being carried by BA and BA didn't give two hoots until that is those morons opened up and stomped on a new H&H double rifle. The damage was found when it was opened for customs inspection is SA. The owner of course complained and BA's attitude was OH Ok we will get it patched up locally. NO way that rifle is only going to be repaired By the maker and he had the money to force the issue.

    After that BA were a bit careful but trust them ........................ never!

    Oh that little tit-bit came from BA's commercial manager at Gatwick. They tried to shaft him too with the management change about 6 years ago.

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