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Thread: Big Thank You to Patrick Croft Gunmakers

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    Smile Big Thank You to Patrick Croft Gunmakers

    This is a write up & a massive thank you to PATRICK CROFT GUNMAKERS for a superb morning stalk last Sunday.

    For those who missed it, Patrick recently introduced himself in the relevant section of the forum and became a trade member. See this thread:

    Well I was the lucky newbie to first respond to Patrick’s kind offer of a free stalk and it was a wonderful experience.

    Patrick’s has a seriously impressive workshop, office, gun room and larder. Take a look at the pictures on his website ( to see that he also has available a log cabin available to accommodate clients.

    We had a discussion about my experience to date (passed DSC 1 a year ago and been on 3 paid stalks) and I was also able to show Patrick my recently purchased Parker Hale 7x57. To date I haven’t achieved a decent group with it so I’m not that confident with it. Patrick now has the rifle to check it out and I have every confidence that he will identify any problems and sort them.

    We agreed that I would therefore use one of Patrick’s estate rifles and had a short drive in the Land Rover out to the piece of ground he’d chosen. We saw plenty of Roe in fields during the journey and in family groups numbering 12-15 – I’ve never seen them congregate in those numbers before!

    On arriving at the ground we had the safety brief and familiarisation with the chosen rifle. We then set off along a wood edge bordering a large rape field. It was a still, frosty morning with the sun just rising. Within a couple of hundred yards we bumped a group of Roe.

    Within what seemed like a split second Patrick had sexed them and told me to get ready and to take the doe on the right if they stopped. Sure enough they did stop for a few seconds and then they were off again. Guess who was still trying to get into position and find his sight picture! Lesson learnt – practice getting into position quickly.

    We moved on and found two more out in the neighbouring field and they were busy feeding. There followed a good stalk moving across a rape field covered in frozen leaves from the wood. It really was like trying to move silently whilst treading on crisp packets. We had a hedge between us but could clearly see the deer through it. Gradually we closed the distance and found a gap in the hedge to crawl through. I managed to get into position and Patrick had identified that we had a buck and a doe. He informed me, that if I was comfortable, to take the doe. I took the shot and was able to see the strike as the .280 Rem gave very little recoil. The doe gave the classic reaction to a heart shot and ran 15 yards into a hedge.

    Patrick informed me the shot was good and I made safe. We waited a while and then closed in to find the doe clean shot through the heart. Here is a photo:

    Patrick went to get the rover and whilst waiting I observed a number of Roe a few fields away. I thought that was the outing over but to my surprise we moved a short distance and were into another stalk. Again Patrick identified a suitable doe and gave me clear instructions and invited me to take the shot if I was comfortable. I’m pleased to say that I delivered another clean heart shot and therefore we had two does to gralloch.

    I’d previously explained to Patrick, when we spoke on the phone, that I was really keen to get some hands on experience and learn how to gralloch properly, having learnt the theory on DSC 1.

    Well I certainly got that tuition from Patrick and he gave me really comprehensive instruction. He demonstrated on the first beast and then supervised me doing the second.

    In summary, Patrick is a great guy who has a wealth of experience and has a great set up. There are a lot of deer on the ground and it’s some of the most stunning countryside.

    Needless to say that I will be back with Patrick as a paying guest very soon. Very highly recommended – thanks Patrick!

    All the best,


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    Sounds like an excellent day - and on a freebie too - can't be bad!!
    I've already been in touch with Patrick to looksee for myself and aspire to being able to provide as a good a report of the event as you Gunner.


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    An excellent write up and what a great recommendationof Patrick. All credit to him too for offering the stalk and giving you such a great experience.

    Well done the pair of you

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    There is targetted advertising you could not put a price on.....

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Thanks Gunner just glad you enjoyed it! I much enjoyed the bottle of whisky and your own home made honey!

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    Good on the both of you!
    I must tell you Patrick, I can't think of a more deserving recipient than J.Gunner. I have had him out with me several times without success, so I'm made up for him that he was in the right place at the right time with you.

    All the very best,


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