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Thread: Good night foxing for the start of 2011

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    Good night foxing for the start of 2011

    Well, this was my first time out this year with the 22-250 on the foxing front.
    Myself and Frank (Centralbelt Stalker) went around a couple of permissions we have as it is evident we have seen a few "new" fox in the area.
    Last night was a good venture out, we managed to spot 5 foxes with two dogs being shot followed by one Vixen.
    We never managed to get the other two due to safety reasons, i.e. poor backstops......however, we will get them another night!
    First dog fox was called in from just over 200 yards away, he was coming into the call nicely and then decided to stop! He was about to run (must have got wind of us) when I decided to take the shot, 50grn bullet (remington Accutip) straight to chest about 160-180 yrds distance....dropped instantly. Very happy with this shot.
    Second dog fox was spotted on the farm track, easier shot this one , obviously hadn't been lamped before, shone the light on him and he didnt run! Frank dropped down the light, I got ready for the shot by climbing on the back of the Disco and fox down, shot distance in the region of 100-120 yrds again with Remmy Accutip.
    Vixen was an easier shot, she came right into the call from about 200 yrds away, got her to approx 80 yrds and then down she went with no hassles.
    Very happy with the Remmy Accutips, deadly accurate in my rifle and causes absolutely no suffering to the fox...the way we all prefer it.
    Thanks Frank for keeping the lamp steady and doing a good job on the calling.....another successful outing on the shooting, the deer better watch out next week......
    Pic attached is of one of the dog fox and the Vixen......quite surprised with the mass/meat on them considering cold weather.....must have been whacking our rabbits!!!!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Excellent write up. Well done to you both, looks like you had a superb night, and some nice foxes too.

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    Anytime I'm needed at the quarry on the loading shovel, straight away I can evaluate what is moving around!.............. just got replacement stock on site!.... one large set, one smaller set, in tandem!
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    thanks for the comments and well done Jd, your some shot boyo.
    Shame you forgot to mention he was on his hind feet going left to right with a large X on his chest.
    as for the second one its all about the lamping ha ha.
    the third was skilll of patience and not over lamping 300 yards mate down to eighty with that excellent bit of kit you have, thanks.
    see dont listen to the experts mate listen to experience ha ha. told you i would get ya three.
    will see you at tomorrows meeting.

    all that shooting for a bottle of vodka and whiskey

    atb f.

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    Good bit of shooting there lads, what I like to see - dead foxes! Regards your new rounds, it doesn't matter what you use through a .22-250 if you hit anything other than leg and tail, its dead!


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    Well done to you both.
    regards john
    p.s. frank did you G S R L.??

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    a great result to a great night, well done

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    Thumbs up

    Quote Originally Posted by www.yorkshireroestalking. View Post
    Well done to you both.
    regards john
    p.s. frank did you G S R L.??

    honestly i didnt, i did have this real urge to say TAKE THE FN SHOT.
    when your the bystander the pause from are you ready and yes to the shot seems like ages.
    i do believe i had to kick Jd the first time we went out last year and tell him to hurry up.

    its all good fun and Jd is a good shot.
    i see you have been quite for a while, all ok, i did like our cross fire.

    atb f.

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    John, already ingrained bud, GSRL, its instinct for me to do this, was drummed into me on the DSC level 1 which I sat last year. Also, I always watch for a good minute or two viewing through the scope after each shot to ensure a humane kill on the fox......or any shot animal for that matter.

    Thanks for the comments everyone.
    I will post more when we go back out on another fox hunting duty.....probably next week Frank if you are up for it....this time i'll lamp and call, you can shoot....dont mind you using my 22-250.

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