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Thread: BSA CF2 - Trigger Improvement

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    Question BSA CF2 - Trigger Improvement

    I had a 243 BSA many moons ago and it was a good rifle to own & shot well -
    Looking around at rifles & have seen a nice conditioned BSA CF2 in the caliber that I'm after. Only problem is that the trigger pull is heavy at around 5lb!
    Question - How much of a job is it to get the trigger worked to bring it down to a reasonable let off (2 lb is ok for me). Plus which gunsmith in the South West is best at this type of work?

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    Adjust the screw the trigger is adjustable but only to about 3lbs by design. it may go a bit lower but somehow I doubt it. The adjustment screw is in the trigger blade and the stock does NOT need to be removed. Unscrew it to lighten the pull weight.

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    Thanks Brithunter I wonder if my old 243 wasn't a CF2 as I'm fairly sure it didn't have trigger adjustment. I can't be sure though as it was about 15 years ago when I had it!
    That rifle may have been another model. It didn't have a name engraved on it. It had a Plain Jane stock without hardwood fore-end tip etc.
    3 lbs pull may be ok as long as it's got good "feel" maybe someone who knows triggers could polish it up a bit. That's why i'm looking for recommendations for the work.
    I'm spoiled having set triggers on my Mannlichers and normally don't shoot well with a heavy trigger.
    I remember my first 308 Ruger, I couldn't get it to shoot well enough with the factory trigger so I put a Timney on it and bingo - half inch groups at 100 yards all day!

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    IMHO the CF2 had the worst of the BSA triggers due to it beign cheapened on demands of accountants. The earleir rifles had better adjustable triggers the last of the really good one was ont he Majestic to my mind. Cost cuttign was really begining to bite by the introduction of the Monarch.

    If it is a CF2 then there was a double sett trigger set up available. This is a Monarch trigger and theadjustment screw:-

    The CF2 is similar but not quite the same. The serial Number prefix for a .243 CF2 is 11R. Hope that helps.

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    Great useful photos & comments. Many thanks. I'll take a close look at the "new" rifle to be sure what it is.

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