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Thread: First couple of weeks in new permission

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    First couple of weeks in new permission

    On the first of december last year i joined a syndicate in Germany. A good friend of mine already was a member and introduced me. It is about 600 hectares and we have 4 members (including me). I have been a guest here quite often, but now i can go on my own and take guests. With al the snow at the beginning of december and the unfortunate dead of the girlfriend of one of the syndicatemembers we had a slow start.

    The permission has wild boar, roe and red deer. Approximately we shoot 30-40 wild boar a year, 40 roe and up to 4 red deer. Also we shoot around 30 foxes a year and some badgers (which is legal in Germany). Furthermore there is small game like hare, pigeon and vermin.

    The last week in december my friend tried to show me the grounds and reach the different feeding area's and high seats. We and the suzuki jeep ended up stuck in the woods in knee deep snow. Even one of the farmers got stuck getting us out, so we called another farmer to get the first one out. At the end of the day we left Suzi all alone in the woods.
    I had couple of chanches on some roe but i wanted to be sure i shot a female one. Unfortunately only the male calfs stood perfectly broadside, they can wait untill may. At night my friend shot a piglet.

    Last week i went again with my dad and although the snow was still high it was much better. We could reach the feeding area's and started to feed the wildboar some mais again. After 2 nights we had plenty of activity on the feeding area's. My dad shot a big piglet on the first night. I shot a roedoe and a fox. The second evening we both shot a female roecalf.
    I try to put up some pictures so you get an impression of the grounds.
    Hopefully 2011 will bring more joy and happiness then the end of 2010.

    kind regards, Ruud

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    Hi Ruud
    Looks a nice bit of ground mate look forward to visiting it sometime

    You haven't found my headlamp by anychance???



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    Hi Ruud,

    Those highseats look familiar.

    I got some good news today about some land close to me, I took you there lamping when you were here last, not John's farm the other one near the pub we had dinner at.

    I will talk to you in the next couple of days anyway.



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    Looks like a great patch of land you have there and those high seats are first-class.

    Good luck for the 2011 season.

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    Loves really nice and as has been said top rate seats

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