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Thread: pies

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    Venison at its best produced

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    Bob - my heart and arteries are still recovering from the first (and last) Scotch Pie I ate on my last visit to Dunoon - and that was a small one. Those large pies in your photo could actually kill a whole small town down South, full of blokes who don't have the Irn Bru-proof digestion of a Glaswegian...

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    scotch pies look nice i haven't had one in ages..a bit of brown sauce under the lid is the way i like them...yum

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    Have you not got any piccies of Widows Memories Robert

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    Quote Originally Posted by widows son View Post
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    Venison at its best produced
    Hmmm made me hungry just looking at them
    For sale or for personal consumption?
    They look great hope they taste as good, just wish I was that clever.
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    Adam have you looked in the mirror lately lol ,Venison not mutton huge difference . I gave a load of them into my mates in the garage the were straight into the oven at dinner time , I could have sold dozens of them.

    I produce the Venison, not sell it theres no money in carcasses .

    I produce Scotch pies, mince pie's, steak pies , link sausage, meat loaf, rolled joints ,square lorn sausage, burgers the skins go to the tannery every thing is used .Attachment 4185

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    Mouth Watering, they look very nice indeed. I'm sure I wouldn't be putting beans on those Jock Pies.

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    Bob, would that be Sutherland Red hind venison by any chance

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    That looks like my baggy for a couple of days stalking
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    Those are some seriously tastey looking pies, but it's hard to pass judgement without tasting them, what time's the party??? I can bring a bottle!!

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