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Thread: Nikon Deerhunter 550 riflehunter.

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    Nikon Deerhunter 550 riflehunter.

    Hello boys,in the process of deciding on which rangefinder to buy.The Nikon Deerhunter 550
    Rifleman has caught my eye.Looking for a wee bit of advice from those in the know.

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    Hi crawfordjohn,

    When I bought my rangefinder I tried every single one in the shop, just to see the difference from display to clarity the main advice I can give is just look at the ones for the money you are prepared to spend I looked at the leupold RX1000 TBR which were above what I wanted but they were the best of the bunch so I walked out with them (lucky for me I was in the states and they knocked $50 off giving me a UK saving of 120)



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    Hi, for what its worth, I would look out for a 2nd hand leica...Lrf 800 / 900, you can pick these up for around 200 ish...In had tried quite afew before arriving at Leica...I dont need to look any further...Cheers...

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    ive got a nikon 550 prostaff which is good and simple to use i paid 120 from the states and the robbing highwaymen this side charged me 17 so 137 in total.

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