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Thread: Sutherland working in hard conditions

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    Sutherland working in hard conditions

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    A couple of days work in a cracking area first vehicle into the area in two weeks just managed to get finished and get out before the snow came .

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    What a wonderful way to live a life. I would love to get up there with the camara let alone the rifle.


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    Fantastic photos Bob

    Being down here 'post-thaw' it's easy to forget how much snow you guys still have.


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    Well we dont have any at the moment csl but you only need to travel north for 40 mins and it is there in abundance. Great pics bob and nice to see why the red deer of the north have the athletic shape compared to there softer cousins.

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    It's alright for you Bob you got to go home, I have to live up here . That is a particularly pretty bit where you were though and bloody wild when the snow comes.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    The third reminds me of a hind herd on Kinloch, Amulree when I was a boy. They knew my dad's landrover, honest. We tried to get in to them. Only way was up the roadin the Landy, we parked out or site in a wee quarry but by the time we cleared the corner they were up the hill. If we drove through the never moved, stop and they were gone. Eventually the snow cleared enough to let us in from the top but for two weeks we could just watch them. When we dragged the kill out we followed the tracks down to the lower ground where they were normally. Then cut to the quarry. down the hill 6" snow allthe way. When we left the tracks 2 feet plus, a nightmare.

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    Bob, just back from working with clients in the Cairngorms, really wild up on the tops this past week, deep snow in places where there's usually non, good for digging in for the night mind. Most of the lines were climbable, but now there's a big thaw on, dangerous snow conditions on some of the N - NW slopes.

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    It gives some nice pictures but this snow is getting a little tiresome now.

    Cant get out the glen, the snow is too deep for the Argo and Polaris.

    Noticed there has been a couple of avalanches too.
    There is a place on this planet for all of God's creatures, right next to my tatties and gravy!!!

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