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Thread: s&b pm2 5x25x56

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    s&b pm2 5x25x56


    Just wondered who has experience with this scope and are they worth the money??
    Looking at putting one on my 243 .

    Atb Steve

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    Have you considered something a bit more compact? The weight alone of the 5-25 is enough to make most people think twice about using one for stalking.

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    I have one fitted to my .270, over the top for stalking? Maby, but plenty of people use N/F 5-22x56, or Swarovski Z6 i's. I know when I look through it and compaire with some other glass that I would not have any other make. It is a chunck of a scope, worth the money, well, if you can afford to get one, why not.

    Position and hold must be firm enough to support the firearm
    The firearm must point naturally at the target without any undue physical effort
    Sight alignment (aiming) must be correct
    The shot must be released and followed through without disturbing the position

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    Hmmmm I wonder about these high magnification scopes . At one time it was the cheap makes that had the extra frills and high mags hoping to catch out the uniformed as the big numbers impressed. The fact that these high mags were virtually unusable was never mentioned. With a decently padded glove only 4X magnification is enough to show the pulse in your hand which is why the prone rifleman target shooter uses that stiff heavy padded glove to insulate them form this.

    So either modern eyesight is getting very poor as it seems unless we have large amount of magnification it's deemed impossible to shoot any quarry beyond a few yards . Or perhaps we need to learn more abut the craft of actually shooting and using sights?

    The highest magnification I have used is 18x and to be frank it's not that easy to use. Firstly it's a competition scope and the Depth of field is quite narrow so the scope has to be focused for the range very carefully. In the field this is bound to lose the chance of the shot on occasions. So one is fitted to a .22 L/R that is used more on the range. The club is having a sort of postal BR .22 Rimfire comp and I thought it might do for that .

    The second one, yes I brought two of them used, is currently sitting on top of my .222 as I thought it might help on load testing and see if there is really any difference between the loads I have and am trying. On 6-8X mag it might be OK fr the odd field trip. I believe my scopes came from the FTR boys and the AO works as a range finder on 18x but not any other setting. The FTR crowd constantly swop their equipement about it seems .

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    Steve . I have a S&B 5-25x56 PMII on my .243 Sako I used to use this rifle for all my shooting needs deer ,fox ,varmints and paper the set up was heavy especially with a mod . I got a second dedicated deer gun as I hated getting the Sako and PMII scope bashed about and having to re-zero.

    the optical quality of the PMII is out of this world I do some varminting at longer ranges and the PMII 5-25 is a very good scope for this as I wanted something to dial in not hold over.

    are they worth the money ????? at the current exchange I could not afford to purchase one , there are some other very good scopes out there at more sensible prices NF,AOR and if going 2nd hand even cheaper again. If you want to shoot at small things a long way off it is one of the better/best optics out there .

    hope this helps ....neil

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    I have a s&b 8x56 on my 308 which is my main deer gun. I have zeiss 3x12x56 currently on the 243 but am tempted to go for the pm2 .

    Brit I totally agree if I could have only 1 scope it would be 8x56. No real need for mega magnification just fancy a play

    Atb Steve

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brithunter View Post
    The highest magnification I have used is 18x and to be frank it's not that easy to use. Firstly it's a competition scope and the Depth of field is quite narrow so the scope has to be focused for the range very carefully. .
    Please don't compare the big Schmidt to some run of the mill scope. That's like comparing a Kia to a Mercedes.

    The 5-25 is a really good scope, and as has been drummed into enthusiastic newbies 100's of times on this forum you get what you pay for with optics.

    For 2525.00 they should be pretty special.

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    I have one on a competition 6.5-284. Only word for it is awesome, however it is heavy and will need mounts that you won't pick up in every corner gunshop. As much as I am in awe of this scope I would tend to go for a Swaro Z6i for a hunting rifle, they are a little quicker on the target and just that bit more forgiving.

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    Yes they are expensive scopes (FA Anderson - in East Grinstead is selling them for 1900) But you don't have to be on 25x mag all the time, it depends on the distance being shot, although on their website they advertise it as a 2000 meter scope, so surely this means we should not be using more than 12x at 1000 meters. Each to there own personally I like my hunting rifle to be as light as possible.

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    I think its horses for courses really, if you seldom shoot beyond 150 yards then the scope will be wasted but if you do shoot further and are prepared to go to the trouble of learning how best to use the scope and work out your bullet drops accurately then it is an awesome bit of kit. I currently run a 4-16 PMII on my 7mm RM and a Nightforce 5.5-22 on my 6.5 and to be honest I think that 16 power is more than enough for stalking. Whilst I dont consider myself a true long range devotee I have taken very carefully measured shots out to 300 yards with precision using both of these scopes. Both are bombproof and the adjustments are very accurate. If I had to choose between them though it would be the S&B over the nightforce

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