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    Powering 20,000 Homes

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    Try that again shall we!
    Been stalking for about 7 years mainly in Devon & Herts, done a bit on the Reds in Scotland.
    Booked onto DSC1 with Jelen in March

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    Hi Tedsalad,

    Firstly, welcome to the site. As you can see I am also fairly new here, but in this short time I have picked up some cracking tips and met up with some great people.
    With regards to the DSC1 you're on in March with Jelen, you won't be disappointed. I did mine with these guys and it was all good. If you have 7 years experience you may already be ahead of the game but the CD ROM they produce and supply, if you have one, will help tremendously.
    Good luck mate.



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    Hi Paul,
    Thanks for the welcome, I actually did the 4 day stalkers course with BASC about 15 years ago, too long ago for it to be converted to the DSC1, but I guess there is no harm in a refresher eh.

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