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Thread: Deer callers.

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    Deer callers.

    Does everyone use them?
    This will be my first year trying one. Now, in your experienced opinions which one should a less experienced stalker try? The Buttallo? or what else is there on the market that you could recommend?
    Thanks, basil.

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    Basil try a Butolo, but when you use it just peep it twice and keep it in your pocket when using it, but only call every few minutes, dont go hammering away on it too much. I have found it works a treat. Good luck

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    PeteE, have to agree with you there, you have to be careful which pocket you put it in when you are stalking, otherwise it suddenly goes off and you sound like an extra from the Sooty and Sweep show

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    Whatever you use dont call untill you know the rut is on, you will not do yourself any favours it will just educate the deer.

    Personally l dont call untill l have seen plenty of sign of the rut, my local patch is split in 2 by a big main road and last year one side was buzzing and on the other side not a sign untill a few days later.

    Good luck and keep us posted on how you do.

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    Thanks for your replies guys. This year is more of a "experiment and learn" time. I`m not really bothered about shooting something when i go out. I like to observe the deer in its natural form and because it`s standing there, that isn`t always a reason to shoot it.
    I am a firm believer in respect for my quarry.

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    Got a buttalo and a cherry caller!! never sat on my cherry caller !! Buttaloo the odd squeak in the pocket !! or was that a curry from last nite!!. Just have to be more careful in future! still it amused the rabbits,
    cheers Trapper.

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    i love my buttalo
    don't realy use it till last week of july and first week of august when the rut is starting to get into full swing,
    hav tried it at other times of year with out much success
    never hav a problem with squeezing it by mistake while crawling in for a shot ,as i don't crawl to many nettles for my liking

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