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Thread: New Sections

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    New Sections

    Hi All,
    I was only thinking this evening that we could do with getting rid of the 'News' section off the site because itís a complete pain in the ass searching for stories that you will all most likely read in the shooting mags anyway.
    So how about we have a 'News Hounds' section and all the members can post news that they think will interest the site. Regional, national and even worldly news from our European, American and Colonial members.

    What do you think?

    Also what other sections would you like to see? Wadas and Stone wanted to run a section on 'Ethnic and cultural awareness issues'. I think not!

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    Really Mr B I thought Wada's wanted a section on the history of Tea Drinking and its impact on the social life style of the northern races

    Ey up Wada's hope to catch up with you at the CLA

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    Will we be getting the rut section back as the roe rut is just around the corner.

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    Like your news idea Mr B.

    How about a vegetarian cookery section?

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    A friend once brought me a bumper sticker back from the states with the slogan

    "Vegetarian = Old Indian word for Lousy Hunter"

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    Come come, Pete in this modern world we must br PC, surely it would have to be Readers Partners, then the Texas heart shot is covered as well


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    Well yes I was thinking of putting up a ladies section to get more of the fairer folk involved. But I also like the idea of seeing chicks with guns .

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    How about a Faults Page?

    Rifle makes/Equipment are listed, people who then discover problems with them can list the fault and if they know a cure then also post that?

    If there is enough evidence of the same fault on a specific rifle/equipment make/model, (probably a Blaser) then maby the Manufacturer can be approached.... for warrenty.

    It would need to be monitored so that the thread doesn't get all messed up with non relevant info, but this could be deleted by the Moderator for the section.....

    People who discover a fault then read through the relevant Make/Model thread, see if it's been listed before, if it has, add to the section that you have the same fault. If not then create that Make/Model fault.....

    Any Thoughts

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    sounds like a very good idea.all for that one

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