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Thread: Hi from Herefordshire

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    Hi from Herefordshire

    hi everyone my name is Adam and am from North Herefordshire. I have been into shooting for the last 4 years, mainly with my dad up until when i got my shotgun certificate. Have done alot of air rifle and shotgun shooting on a couple of local farms, but with my dad now having got his firearms certificate;( .17hmr, .22lr, .243,) i have been learning about rifles and their capabilities and hopefully shall be able to apply for mine in the near future. Would really like to get into deer stalking so hopefully only time will tell, i have been able to learn a great amount from this site already, and am sure i will have my own questions to ask in the future.
    All the best Adam

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    Welcome young man, hope you learn a great deal more from this site. Look in the stalking available section and you will find plenty on offer at reasonable rates, or swap, and sometimes for free.



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    Welcome to the SD - there's quite a few SD stalkers living locally, so I'm sure you'll get some offers. We meet up at the pub in Pembridge from time to time, so you and your dad are welcome to come along.



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    hey thank you both, yep i live in Pembridge so thank you for the offer Adam it would be grear to get to meet some other local shooters along with my Dad.
    All the best Adam

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