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Thread: Right proper dead Good JERKY

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    Right proper dead Good JERKY

    Shoot your beast , Pay homage, slice haunch or other long grain meat 1/8th thick . SEASONING teriyaki sauce ,a few desert spoons , dark soy sauce , Demerara sugar ,runny honey, black pepper crushed, stabilizer 1/2 teaspoon per kilo, (put sealed bag in fridge 2/3 days till meat absorbs marinade) Tooth pick on racks on oven tray , (send wife shopping) IMPORTANT DRY DONT COOK!!! oven 80 to 100 prop open door with spoon or summat dry for approx 8 hrs. Test for dryness . when happy I vac pack mine 29.00 off eBay, see vac packs Make this stuff as strong as you like or mild , me I like the full Monty , the basics are there !!adjust to your own tastes! I don't get a look in coz my mates blag it all , still a small price to pay !!
    Just my thoughts on a penny I will photo my next batch of JOIKY for you to peruse.

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    drop some off at my place mate?


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    I hope you are bringing some to the CLA Trapper!

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    cheers for the recipe, I'll give that a go when I'm lucky enough to get another beast.

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    what's stabilizer ?? where do you get it etc ..........neil

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    Meat stabilizer I get mine from a butchers supplier shop . Basically it balances the meat out and acts as a preservative. It is usually added about 1/2 teaspoon or a teaspoon per kilo of meat , essential if you dry cure salamis etc which I am hoping to try out.
    think that what I stated is right , if not then anyone out there who is a butcher or knows more please post as I am into experimenting with my venison.
    cheers Trapper

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