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Thread: New arrival - non stalking this time

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    New arrival - non stalking this time

    Hi All,

    Just had to share that the wife gave birth to a fit and healthy baby girl on Wednesday night.

    It was a daunting 22 hour long labour but she arrived fit and healthy at 21:42pm, weighing 6.6lbs. It's our first child so been grinning from ear to ear ever since.

    So, now start the sleepness nights.....


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    Congratulations fella, glad all went well.

    All the best for the next few years....hope you survive on little sleep

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    Congrats to you both, well, all 3 of you. That's your life thrown into chaos, but I've noticed with kids (I have 2 girls) that life seems to go 100mph faster than my life did before I had any.

    Enjoy it, they grow up fast

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    Many congratulations from the Admin team now your bank account will empty faster!! but your heart will be full of joy.


    Sikamalc, JAYB and Csl.

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    Congrats mate!

    Wave bye-bye to sleep & disposable income, and say hello to strong coffee!

    I've got two kids, and it is without a doubt the best thing ever - all the best for the future as a family!

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    22 hours .I often tell my wife that the effect of labour on men is under estimated. Bloody hardest few of days of my life with my 3. You feel like the proverbial spare ***** and totally shattered by the whole event.

    The females on the other hand have an easy time of it. Cant see what the fuss is. Its just like passing a melon down your japper

    However the end result is worth it even if you are from them on perpetually skint, shattered & never seem to have enough hours in the day.

    Congratulations to you and your family.
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    Congratulations, and as friend of mine once told me, "the first heart she breaks will be yours"! My daughter is 18 and when boys arrive at our house I am always to be found cleaning a gun. I find it breaks the ice nicely

    As for late nights, my wife is a night hawk and I don't mind early mornings! It worked a treat, with twins too

    Atb, Simon
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    Many congratulations to you and your wife, great news to hear she is doing well...

    I know we never managed to get out over xmas but will look forward to seeing you soon when your allowed out again to play with the new .308...

    Best wishes,


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    Congratulations, life will never be the same that's for sure.



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