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Thread: What would you do

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    What would you do

    As i always say buy cheap buy twice.
    would you have stayed and tried to dig out or call for help

    I have just spent the last hour digging out and pushing a td4 discovery from a field.
    For the mans honour i will not mention his name as i feel he may be a bit embarrasssssed .
    Following a brief discussion of will i or wont i he did.
    Well it didnt ha ha despite his confidence of its ability.
    We did discuss the will we phone the farmer or not and as i am not one to take advantage of the situation i did ha ha.
    Along came the manitou and towed it out.

    Alls well that ends well, home loads work a treat, rifle confidence 1000% up, motor filthy.

    Thanks for a great afternoon mate i needed that wee pick-up today.

    atb f.

    should read save face but dont know how to change it sorry
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    Name and shame!!

    Its the law!!
    There is a place on this planet for all of God's creatures, right next to my tatties and gravy!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Gliballs View Post
    Name and shame!!

    Its the law!!
    cant do it dan,
    he is a quivering wreck as his motor got stuck and needed towed out ha ha ha
    that just sounds better every time i say it

    but heh you know what they say BCBT


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    Is it a coincidence that a lamping partner of yours has a disco?? Maybe a talking point for this evening.

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    Ive put call for help on this one,but that would be after Ive tried my hardest to get out first! there is no shame in getting stuck..unless you drive a manitou

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    When it comes to saving face, time and cost mean nothing to a man haha

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    Don't see much to lose face over in this thread, try unsticking 40 tonnes of loader shovel when unexpectedly finding the water table rising up through the sand!
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    I've voted save face and dig out.
    So far, touch wood I've only ever twice been so stuck that I've needed help.

    Once just outside Moniaive, when I lost both back wheels of my VW Transporter in the forestry track side ditch. It was a long walk to the nearest road and I knew no-one locally. Two of us sweated blood getting the van out of that ditch.

    The other time was in the Dogon region of Mali when a diagonal crossing of a storm gully didn't quite go as planned and my Defender ended up cross-axled. On that occasion I turned to the nearest village for help, and so many people came to my aid that the Land Rover was practically lifted out by manpower alone. It did cost me a few francs though.

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    I voted save face but only been stuck twice, once in a field and managed to get out eventually but managed to take out a gate post doing it,and once on the road when i reversed up a steep hill on a single track lane so some poor old lady didn't have to back down,i thought it would be quicker,saw what looked like a pull in out of the O/S mirror and went straight down a ditch,turned out the little old lady was my local farmers mum so had no quarms about getting him to tow me out.

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