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Thread: Hello from Brooky

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    Hello from Brooky

    Hi all
    I started shooting when I was 12 and now Iam 45. I have held a f.a.c for 27 years and shot pistols and .22rf rifle. In 1990 I bought a .222 then later a 17hmr. Then 6 years ago I got the stalking bug and still got it. The rifles I use for stalking are a .243 Remmy 700 with Meopta scope and pes mod the other is a .270 Tikka T3 with S&B scope and A Tec mod. I was talking to Wadas one day about this site so thought I might as well join as I am always willing to listen and maybe learn a little more from other stalkers experiances. All the best Brooky.

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    Welcome to the site Brooky. It`s about time too with the amount of mithering i did to get you to.

    Get stuck in and ask away with any questions you like.


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    yes wecome Brooky. looks like your not short of fire power !
    45, still a children !!!!

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    Hi guys. Thanks for the welcomes to the site. All the best Brooky.

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    Has that Wada's been mithering you as well Brooky!!

    That tea drinker would mither a nest o rats, i tell ya I suppose he's also shown you his new weapon as well

    Nice to see he has a proper rifle now, now all he needs is some decent ammo to put in it

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    Hi sikamalc Talking to wadas yesterday. Had a bit of natter then he asked me for some plywood Cheap think he ment free not only does he use cheap ammo he wants cheap plywood too only joking wadas all the best Brooky

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    You`ll get me talked about on here Eric, i`m already known for my fiscal way of thinking, now get that bloody roof on that house, i tell ya.

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    hi brooky and welcome, what wadas means is he would like the plywood at yorkshire prices

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