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Thread: Composed pair of Alan Woods

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    Composed pair of Alan Woods

    I say "composed" pair because the larger knife originally had different scales but has recently been refinished by Alan to match the smaller knife as closely as possible and both are finished in Thuya burl with thin red liners and hollow pins.
    Blades are 3 3/4" and 2 3/4" respectively. Used as skinning/gralloching knives, they have been well looked after and carefully sharpened.
    Prices are fixed at 460 455 as a pair or 250 240 for the larger knife only, all including PP and insured P&P
    The smaller knife is not available on it's own.

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    Absolutely gorgeous!!

    Far too good for me to lose in the woods though!!

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    I need to start playing the lotto.

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    just to add that the small knife is rwl34 and i've had it confirmed yesterday by Alan Wood that the large knife is 12c27. cheers

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    still available gents

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