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Thread: Fish Fight Campaign

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    Fish Fight Campaign

    I don't know how many of you have seen the Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall programmes on ch4 concerning the state our fishing industry is in over EU regulations leading to discards of perfectley good fish back into the sea dead,and the ridiculous desire to farm salmon and feed it on ocean caught pelagic fish(3kg of wild fish to produce 1kg of salmon),but Hugh has started a campaign the Fish Fight and there is an online petition which is already up near 350,000. Could I ask any of you that feel that this is a worthwhile campaign which believe me as a fisherman i know it is, to just take a couple of minutes and sign it,if enough people get behind this one it really could change things for the better within the fishing industry.Hugh's Fish Fight - Thank you

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    i filled this in as well .if campains like these carry on people can make a difference its time people understood what goes on in the food industry .education of people that have no idea whats going on,this also applies to stalking and venison .good sustainable and alternative foods,atb wayne

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    Aye, watched them mate, absolutely scandalous. I mean, we all know about discard when the fishermen have their quota but to see perfectly good and big cod being thrown back into the sea was really shocking. A good campaign to get behind, gonna fill it in now.


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    A good friend of mine was interviewed by HFW for this programme, they wouldnt give him a list of questions before filming as the wanted to keep the interiew "fluid", poor HFW was out his depth with him, when my pal had the upper hand HFW wouldnt let him answer the question before firing another at him.

    He text me saying the episode was due to be aired last night... guess what?... they never showed the interview!

    I USED to like HFW, Ive got right off him recently.

    How does he expect to feed the six billion people on this planet without intensive farming.

    This isnt France!

    Of which he is half!
    There is a place on this planet for all of God's creatures, right next to my tatties and gravy!!!

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    Cheers guys for the support.

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    +1 from me

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    I worked on the inshore fishing fleet for 4 years and believe me this is a very complex can of worms that has been brought into the public domain, there are things like net size and deliberate dummping of fish that are ok to land but because larger versions of the same spieces fetch more and thay have a limited landing alowance thay are dumping the smaller ones and fishing on to get there quota in large fish and as aresult get more for the same quota.
    It gets worse as you delv into this issue.

    Dry Powder

    Barry Thom

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    2 more signatures--me and mrs downwind

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    another 2 here and ive posted it on my companies twitter and facebook pages

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