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Thread: .22 Hornet Reloading !

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    .22 Hornet Reloading !

    Hi Lads, just been testing my first ever loads ! I'm very impressed with the results.. I had much tighter groups from my first ever made loads at 140 yds with a 40 g sierra Bking than a Winchester h/p 46 g at 85 yds !!!! Really cant believe it, amazing results from the C.Z !! Did read somewhere that, that would be the case !!! Here's a pic of 4 shots just above the small stone target inserted into the whiteClick image for larger version. 

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    With practice , you be amaised how tight you will get the 22 H @ 100yds +. It will shrink

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    This was shot off of the top of a camera tripod with my CZ Hornet at 100m... practice pays!~Muir
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    Also thought that the slight recoil and noise was less than with factory ammo !? Thank's, you've been a great help to me !

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    I'm told that using pistol primers instead of small rifle primers also helps tighten groups - what's the opinion on this ? I recently swapped my Hornet as we have no small ground game here, for a .270 which is a tad better in this windy corner.
    Opinions often differ according to unknown circumstances.

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    I have found this to be true with charges of Lil Gun, H-110 (Winchester 296), and Accurate Arms 1680. I haven't tried it with powders like Alliant 2400 or IMR 4227.~Muir

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