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    new to stalking

    hi all,im new to stalking,ive been shooting for 15yrs plus with shotguns and 3 yrs plus with rifles and am now looking into stalking and am looking for soome advice toward which rifles would be good to start with,im lookinng towards a .308 varmint style,
    any suggestions would be welcome.

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    Hi Kernow..

    In my opinion the .308 is a very, very versatile calibre, certainly adequate for any beast you will encounter in the British Isles. Some would argue it is a little big for the smaller species and you would, as ever, need to see what your local FLO's view is on the calibers you choose vs what you intend to be shooting.

    I personally have a 6.5x55 lightweight rifle which is used 95% for stalking and 5% at the range practicing. My .308 is a tactical target rifle which is just about light enough to lug round the hill should I need to but it's intended use is 90% range and 10% stalking.

    You may also want to consider a .243... it has a lot of advocates and shoots nice and flat, perfect for Munty, CWD & Roe and whilst legal for all species of deer and perfectly capable, may be seen as a little of a lightweight for the really big stuff.

    Everyone has their favourite flavour so you will undoubtedly get lots of feedback but whatever you ultimately decide upon.... just enjoy it!!!

    The only other thing I would say is that if this is going to be primarily a stalking rifle I would shy away from a varmint weight barrel / rifle. By the time you get a moderator on it it is going to feel mighty heavy after a full day on the hill! Just my opinion..


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    Good advice from Vipa Kernow. A varmint rifle is not a very elegant stalking tool and i think you would regret it if your intention for its use is mainly deer. As for the calibre i am also a big fan of the 6.5x55 which can deal with anything in the UK. i also have others such as the .243 but i find it may not always give me an exit wound on the bigger beasts. Whatever you choose to go with where you put the bullet is the most important thing. Best of luck and welcome to the world of deer !

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