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Thread: First fox with the new Tikka.

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    First fox with the new Tikka.


    Out the other night carrying a bale to a couple of heifers when I heard a vixen calling. Headed in and grabbed the new T3 .223 and a big old Clulite that I use for checking stock.
    I headed over to the area I thought she was and settled in against a stone wall to squeak for a while. I lit up a set of eyes and squeaked the fox in to 120m. I flicked the light on and put the crosshairs on his chest. The bullet (55gn Sako Arrowhead BT) hit right in the centre of his chest and he didn't even get to close his eyes. Just dropped on his side where he was. It turned out to be a dog fox, not the vixen.
    I'm pleased that the rifle does exactly what I got her for. Here's my guilty secret... I like foxes. I think they're a beautiful animal and I'm always amazed that such a relatively large canid can thrive in our small, overpopulated land. However; I start lambing in 6 weeks and the two years I released pheasants I never got to shoot a single one.
    The last fox I shot was 12 months ago with the Ruger 10/22. It took 6 shots to kill him and I was sickened but when I got the Ruger .22 was all you could get from RUC.
    I said then I wouldn't lamp another fox with the .22 rimfire. It took most of last year to get the .223 processed but dropping this guy stone dead, at range with one round justifies the investment to me..... not my wife though.

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    Spot on!

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    Great round for foxing,very easy to shoot, and does the business. Well done

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    Good for you, as said the .223 is one of the best.

    Rgds. Buck.

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    well done and hope its the first of many for you.


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    well done

    well done. The Tikka .223 will give you lots of pleasure. I reload and use the Hornady V-Max bullet in 50 grain. Flat shooting and a good one for foxing, drops them on the spot.


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