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Thread: Deer poaching in local paper

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    Deer poaching in local paper

    Police set sights on Padiham deer poachers From Lancashire Telegraph)

    At least police are taking an interest but a reprimand is hardly going to be a deterrent!

    Also rabbit baiting????



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    During one of the raids, officers caught two people killing a deer. They were given reprimands. brilliant caught in the act slap on the wrist .
    Sgt Slater added: “We will be looking at people who are rabbit baiting at the moment. thats news to me as well whats rabbit baiting and is it illegal i doubt it .
    Recent poaching operations have also focused on illegal fishing at night. am i wrong or can you fish at night i know i do .
    it seems to me like always police taking an intrest involves a little spread in the local paper telling everyone when not to go poaching and a few officers sat in vans all night doing not alot with what would appear to be not alot of knowledge about rural crime the police do exactly the same up here paper bit of a precence for a night or two then nowt even though everyone knows who poaches and where they go but the police are not bothered if thry were serious they would of got a conviction by now the same people have been at it for years and openly brag of making upward of 15000 a year poaching deer

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    There was a guy used to go on a lurcher web site used to claim he payed the mortgage on his house in Hayling Island from poacing deer with a lurcher!!


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    how can a raid catch people killing a deer?

    did they take it home and went all silence of the lambs on it down a well in the spare room?

    Rabbit baiting wtf, is this a wind up?

    If Sgt Slater is the tip of the speer then for gods sake get someone better with an IQ above Forest Gump that will make progress in this area and make comments that sound appropriate within the wider scheme of wildlife crime prevention

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    It's interesting that at this time the police are putting a fair amount (at least more than normal) of effort into catching poachers and dealing with them. Then in BASC magazine this month I read that they are doing away with PC Duncan Thomas' job as country wildlife liaison officer and they are making it a civilian post! The one person that had started to build relationships between police and land owners/gamekeepers. One step forward................

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    As far ad I know Duncan went a couple of months ago.. !

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