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    As i am doing a small study of roe deer in my areas and some of the finds will be used to inform councils local authoritys and Msp,s of deer move ments and density,s in my local area. But when you mention acers hec,s etc they just look at you as if you had horns can any one tell me how many square hecters make up one square mile please.

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    260 sq Hectares = 1.0038656122103593 sq miles

    from here:

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    Easier to do it by kilometers mate surely?
    1 square km = 100 Hectares which you can easily show on a OS 1:50,000 map as one grid square?
    Just a thought.

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    Most biological studies I have come across have used km2. JC

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    Thanks lads i should have said both that way my opintions have been coverd . (SORTED) BETER THAN EXPECTED

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