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Thread: Hello from Kent

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    Hello from Kent

    A complete newbie to deer stalking but not to shooting,and i'm doing the DCS1 on 15-18th March at Sevenoaks.........looking forward to learning a great deal on here.

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    hello there buddy, Gary

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    Hi there,
    Also East Kent Dover.

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    Thanks for the welcomes......and my first question(s)

    I have a .222 which i understand i can use for Muntjac and CWD provided the condition is added on my certificate,i may also have the odd opportunity on roe as well.

    So would you go for a .243 and have fox and vermin added aswell and does that mean that they could say that i no longer need my .222 which is used almost exclusively on foxes..

    Ive held my FAC since 4/2007 and has been an open cert since 1/2008.

    Just wondering.

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