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Thread: Falkniven Knives

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    Falkniven Knives

    I really want a Falkniven knife probably an H1, it's for stalking and general hunting. Is this the most suitable and the more important question, do you buy the standard knife or pay the extra £55 for the 3G steel. I am only a recreational stalker, so what's the verdict?

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    I had an F1 once. They are very good knives but, to be honest, there are alot better out there for general stalking. The blade is a little too thick and too deep and there was an anoying nick in the edge (choil?) at the point where the blade meets the handle. They are probably ideal if you want to fashion a new wing for an aeroplane out of oil drums and bamboo but I didn't find that I had to do that too often. I still have a small Falkniven folder that was a gift, that is a very useful knife. JC

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    Ok, so what about a good alternative? sould I really be looking at something else?

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    best to get a cheap Frost for £5-10 put it in dishwasher, never sharpen, don't worry about losing on the hill and then buy a new one when needed. These are actually great knives for the job you require stalking.

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    The F1 is an excellent general purpose stalking / outdoors knife, strong, takes and holds an excellent edge. I can split the ribcage of a fallow or sika easily with mine, would not be without it.

    The Frost clipper is a decent little cheap knife, basically disposable.

    The F1 blade is a bit deep for doing the back passage on a Munty, probably on a Roe also (never did a Roe). The Frost would be ideal for that I am sure.

    Tell the truth, I carry one of each, the F1 on my belt, the frost in the bag as a back-up. Never used the Frost yet though.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Fallniven F1 is probably one of the best all round knives money can buy. The laminated blade holds an edge far better than any other I have, and i have a few.

    I have the standard knife, not the 3G and cannot recommend it enough.

    If you can get a buck 110 from USA or a PUMA knife they may be better for roe, but on the hill the F1 or H1 takes some beating. Depends what you want to spend your money on. I like my fingers so would never buy a "cheap" knife.

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    A bob dozier knife will take some beating.

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    Fallknivens are cracking knives, the H1 is made for hunting, the F1 is more bushcraft geared. I had a H1 and you will not be disappointed, the VG10 is great steel but if you are competent at sharpening 3g is better, the Frosts are no comparison.

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    I wouldn't be without mine.....I prefer the F1 but own the H1 too.

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    I've got a F1 - the steel is much tougher than any Frosts, you don't get any dings if you hit bone. The H1 is probably better for gralloching because the F1 blade is quite fat, having said that I had no problems doing a small muntie - just don't stab the blade into the rectal passage, pinch the skin and cut, work your way round and free up the anus.

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