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Thread: Recoil VS accuracy.

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    Recoil VS accuracy.

    I have again read a reference on this site to a heavier recoiling caliber making accurate shooting more difficult. Why is that? Doesn't recoil happen after the sights have been aligned and the trigger squeezed? Are we talking flinch?~Muir

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    I tend to agree Muir, the projectile has left the barrel and is well on its way to the target before any recoil will be detected by the person squeezing the trigger. I suspect any accuracy issues, are as you say, a flinch as the trigger is being pulled in 'expectation' of the coming 'kick' or recoil from the firearm. Nothing to do with the actual caliber being shot..

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    We certainly are talking flinch rather than recoil but it doesn't change the fact that most people find heavier calibres harder to shoot good groups with than lighter ones. Best way to prove this to someone who is having problems but is in denial is to get them on the range, have a go with their rifle then, safely, get them to shoot a group having told them that the rifle is loaded and ready to go but, in reality, you have closed the bolt on an empty chamber. Watch them squeeze the trigger then flinch as it goes click. Someone who is a lot better at maths than me once said that the bullet has potentially travelled around 250m before you first feel any recoil (I think the example was relating to a Mod 70 in .270 win). JC

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    Andy, recoil, (imagined or real) is as we all accept, definately one source of flinch development, the other I would offer, could be badly set up / fitted arms?........ flinch is probably for me, very unlikely to occur, unless we are talking shoulder launched anti tank stuff, whilst wearing only T shirt & shorts! ............ 16+ stone in a less than average hight frame & no neck really helps avoid flinch! Steve.
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    There is the flinch to be contended with, this can be caused by blast as well "kick", but there is also the format of heavier big game rifles as well.

    Their stocks tend not to be designed for bench or prone shooting and getting them to track repeatably on bags can be a bit of a challenge.

    Add in heavier triggers and it becomes harder for the rifleman to shoot ittybitty groups even if the rifle is capable.

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    Ahhh surely it comes down to mind over matter:-

    If I don't mind it don't matter .

    After the neck injury I found that I have to concentrate so as not to flinch................... Thank you Mr White van man .

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    A 20" 7.5lb 30/06 does get your attention. Mr ASE seems to have sorted that out though.....

    I think Amir has a point, the format of the rifle helps a lot. Off the bench, a heavy barreled rifle with a flat bottomed fore-end and a light trigger is easier to extract the best results from. These rifles tend to be .22 CF's varminters, maybe 243 or 6.5 at worst. The F class guys are shooting what, 14lb rifles?

    The biggest calibre I have shot is a 9.3x62, it is a doddle standing on sticks, less so on a bench. I don't know if you would call if flinch, but you are certainly anticipating the recoil.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    It's really down to mindset,........... If you have a heavy calibre, sometimes allied with a lighter than optimal build of rifle, say a bush rig or something of that ilk, then you should use it frequently & get used to it,. ...... in effect , Master it!........... the odd infraction of concentration will soon re focus the mind!
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    I think the best approchh is to restrict shooting of heavy kickers to field-realistic positions.

    Boggy and I took turns checking the open sights of his 375 off the bench a while ago, the recoil in that 9lb bare rifle was not bad at all, the lack of a a telescopic sight in particular seemed to help in lack of anticipation as well. The recoil was about like that of a sporter O/U with 50 gram 3" shells and tolerable if not actually pleasant. The same rifle shot in the field felt like any other deer legal rifle in the heat of the moment. Interestingly, our groups were identical in size but mine was six inches left of the point of aim!

    I agree that there is a mental aspect to it, if you are expecting to be kicked about the likely resultant poor technique ( not holding firmly, lack of attention to eye relief, improper cheek weld, etc.) will probably indeed result in a kick.

    If you hold it into the shoulder it can't kick, only push!

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    Firstly I have to say that I agree that shooting less well when subjected to more recoil is most certainly a matter of anticipation of the recoil, noise and muzzle blast. However, it occurs to me that just maybe there may be some "effect" on the shooter of the discharge before the bullet has left the barrel. It seems that when a rifle is fired some very high velocity gas escapes before the bullet reaches the muzzle and I'm given to believe that this gas may travel at 6,000fps. So, I guess the person doing the firing might get some blast or concussion from this gas before the bullet springs out the hole.

    In the real world I'd be certain that this effect is minimal and I'd also be certain that no one could react quickly enough to this to disturb the point of aim before the bullet has left the rifle.

    In the spirit of the original question I suspect that the reaction of the shooter depends on his perception of what he is shooting. If you somehow disguised a big bore magnum as a 22 rimfire and told me to have a shot then I'm pretty certain my first shot would be a good one, and that subsequent shots would be much, much less good. I'm not a fast learner even on a good day but I am a little adverse to pain.

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