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    Hello All.

    I would just like to let you know about a problem with Photobucket.

    If you post a picture or video onto the net you must ensure that you have your ACCOUNT set to PRIVATE.

    To do this, log in to your photobucket account. You will then get a welcome screen that says welcome, ????????? (whatever your account is called), next to this you will see ACCOUNT OPTIONS, click on this. About 1/3 down the page you will see on the left ALBUM SETTINGS. The first selection drop down bar gives the option "MY ALBUM IS", you must click private, if you leave it to public, everyone in Cyber Space can see every picture you have in Photobucket.

    ADMIN. Can you please post this as Announcement in the relevant Topics please..


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    I found this out on another forum. I asked for something to be moved or deleted and admin told me my photobucket account was set on public. Anyone and everyone could have gone through my photos.
    Good idea to check that you`re set on private. Nice one TJ.

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    VMT for that, I have just gone into my account and changed my settings.


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    once again, thanks you on this ,
    as you helped me no end on my video clips in the articles section, i am sure, there are a lot more people out there, more aware from now, because of this post, so from me and them
    many thanks
    you are a true gent

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    Thanks `tartinjock`, I have just ckecked mine and find I have 4580 monthly hits.
    I have changed over now.


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    Thanks for that just done it now
    Cheers mate

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    Blimey, how many people have been looking at my photos of the nun at the altar with the candles.

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    Black candles? Goats? Chains and whips? Obviously not a Methodist Church service, you must be of the Rome Catholic or C of E High Church persuasion then Andy L? I have never seen anything like that on ‘Songs of Praise’!

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    Thank you for the advice

    Very helpful, just changed our account now.
    Luckily not much on there, only opened it to post the few pictures that are on this site.

    Mrs Gyr

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    Done, I thought it was private anyway, but there you go, we live and learn Thanks TJ for the heads up.

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