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    Paramo clothing

    Has anyone used Paramo clothing and would you recomend it for stalking and shooting use?



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    Hi Dickie,

    As far as I can see the Paramo clothing is very good for what it is intended to do . The only item that I own are a pair of gaiters for brashing through very thick brambles and they are excellent. I do not use them for stalkingas they are too noisy... (the Berghaus seem to be good though - Thanks to another site regular).

    The gear is aimed at long arduous treks and are technically very good. I'm just not sure they are the most suitable for stalking. However I would use it for any walked up or driven game days.

    Just my 2 penneth.


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    I like some of the Paramo products. One of the ghillies on the river here has a lightweight jacket for summer which he swears by.
    I have contemplated this jacket for hill stalking as it can be packed away in a small space but is technically excellent in the rain and (should be) breathable.
    They have a slight sheen which is the only thing which puts me off at the moment.

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    I wear their green trail shirts both to work and went stalking and they are excellent and, although expensive, good value as they last a long time even with regular wear. I've tried their waterproof trousers and they are not robust enough for me - lasted a few days - plus they will leak if you sit or kneel on them.

    My girlfriend has one of their jackets and liked it for general light wear but again it is basically the same material as the trousers and so I imagine it isn't very robust or waterproof if you lie or crawl in it.

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    HiThanks for the info I was interested in the Taiga fleece it sounds and looks a good jacket.CheersDickie

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