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    Hi everyone I am 12 years old, i'm Jack I am in to fox lamping, deer stalking,beating and rabbit shooting, I have just started to do these hobbies as my dad does them and I have got interested in it.
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    Hello Jack and welcome. My son Dan is 13 and comes shooting rabbits off the pick up with me (either driving the pick up or shooting) at night , also loves woodland game shooting. He was out yesterday and brought home a hen pheasant and a wood pigeon. What I love about Dan's interest in the outside world is that it is turning him into a responsible adult. He shhots an animal or bird, skins/plucks and guts it, cuts it up and cooks a family meal with it. I'm proud of him as I'm sure your father is of you. So welcome again and best of luck.

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    Hi Devonoak, he is just like me then, i some times go feeding the pheasants with my dad and he lets me drive his land rover round, i haven't quite got to the point of plucking, skinning and gutting yet but sure i will reach the point.

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    well they're handy skills ! Dan is a great fan of Mark Gilchrist have you come across him? He has loads of you tube videos on shooting preparing cooking and eating game. He's been an inspiration to Dan who has just chosen his gcse subjects one of which is cooking ( well they call it food tech now!) and he cooks the evening meal perhaps once a week! I'm pleased obviously because his food is nice but also because he's never happier than when he can supply the meat to put in the pot. Cheers

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    Can't say i have heard of Mark Gilchrist but i will have a look some time and hopefully learn some cooking skills and other.


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    What are your interests Devonoak

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    well I cut trees up and make things out of wood for a living. I like to be out and about in my spare time and I try and look after a few people's woodlands - which can include deer management. So I try and get to know the deer populations in the areas where I am lucky enough to be able to do this and keep them to a healthy level- both for themselves and for the woodland owner. (And for my freezer hopefully!)

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    Yes that's right got to top the freezer up.

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