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Thread: Agressive Foxes

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    Agressive Foxes

    Has any one else noticed foxes being bolder than normal.

    I know they are getting it on at this time of year and normally respond to the sqeek better than at any other time but they have been charging towards me over the last few weeks.

    Could it be the snow has reduced their food availability??

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    I live in a seaside town and had a Fox take chickens from my garden, It wasn’t afraid of humans at all and was very aggressive
    On more than one occasion I almost kicked it to get it out my garden; it stood its ground snarling at me! I am sure someone was feeding it!
    With 3 little kids not to mention my birds it has to go!!
    I have a couple of cage traps now in case it comes back but when I do catch it how do I legally send it on its way? I can’t shoot it as I am in the middle of town?

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    SM. If you cage trap it, take it to your permission, 1 1/4oz BB job done.

    PS I am presuming that it is legal to do this?


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    Thanks Brian,
    But I don't fancy Fox **it all over my car.

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    A moderated 22 or even a FAC air rifle will do the job well enough and no-one will be any the wiser.

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    As a pest controller I use a .22rf with mod straight in the bonce, you need to be careful of not falling foul of the wildlife and countryside act as well as a few others. Its all down to not causing undue suffering etc anyone stupid enough to attempt to kill a 15 to 20lb + animal with a FAC air frankly shouldnt have one and as for recommending an air rifle at 12ftlb is that a wind up?
    I also never transport them alive for the same reason . I get the call its in the cage and whatever else Im doing gets put on hold and I go straight to deal with it.

    You could also use a silenced .410 or even a non silenced with subsonic ammo. If overlooked I cover the cage and myself with a big blue tarp, if not over looked I dont worry.

    So if you have a .22rf (if its open ticket) use that otherwise the .410 route.
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    If you have an open condition on a .22lr then thats the best way to do it. Have shot several foxes off my back lawn from the bedroom window. Used small fish cat food pellets as bait. Would suggest you put some targets in the kill zone and get rifle zeroed. Hollow point eg eley sub or better still a magtech will do the job in a quick silent manner.

    If you havent got a open condition/or .22lr i should think some members of the site would be able to help you out.


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    i use a 22lr and 22 rimmi pistol on a open ticket but before this i was told by my fao to use a sub 12lb air rifle point blank and i did for quite some time. it was more than capable at 0 range . i also do a hell of a lot of urban fox shooting and the calls are becoming more about aggresive foxes rather than just the normal fouling on my decking or patio . for urban fox shooting you must have fox stated on your 22lr license register with the police of where you will shooting foxes that night you will receive a icad number for you and the client for a start time and also a finish time and of course insurance .

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    or you can pm me il be happy to come and sort it

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