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Thread: the perfect wee rough shoot?

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    the perfect wee rough shoot?

    Just had a great afternoon out with 3 pals ,met at 12 ,so still get a lie in !! Walk round our rough shoot ,a working peat moss with a border of trees round it ,
    We ended up with 3 snipe 2 woodcock 1 pheasant (though another 5 missed )don't know how we hit the snipe and missed the bloody pheasants!!!!2 hares 2 mallard and2 pigeons.
    Six tasty species ,wet afternoon ,no women,no work ,we all got shots,dogs are knackered ,
    If carlsberg done sat afternoons!!!!???

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    ....I reckon you have to go a long way to beat that kind of relaxed mooch around with a few mates and a couple of overexcited dogs!

    Sounds like a top afternoon!

    (....although if Carlsberg did afternoons, I'd have Kelly Brooke carying my game bag around behind me!! )


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    Nice one Bob know exactly where your coming from had a little walk round with the dog yesterday, shot a brace of pheasants for my sunday dinner missed a woodcock and scored for a couple of pigeons .

    Was on a proper driven day on wed's it was great, but i enjoyed my little walk round just as much. DF

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    Bob that sounds just like ours, we have a walk round on the last day of the season. As it's a Tuesday it will just be a few of us with a couple of mad dogs working the field margins, ditches & our 9 acre wood. Meet at the pub for a full English to start then back for a couple of pints after, it'll be a great day.


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    Those are always the best days! I've had some cracking days like that back home in N. Ireland and rate them better than any driven bird days. Always made better when you stop for a bite and cook something over a wee fire!

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    Quote Originally Posted by merlin View Post

    (....although if Carlsberg did afternoons, I'd have Kelly Brooke carying my game bag around behind me!! )


    Merlin you mad fool....Kelly would be walking in front of me get to admire that fine behind

    Sounds like a cracking day I wish you many more

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    One of the best bits is that in our walk and stand shoot when walking ,your always aware of your dogs ability to wreck the drive!!! But on a walkabout day you just take the p**s put of each other_its mainly me on the end of it though!!!

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