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    Hi all, I have got a field behind my house and some nights i walk around it with a torch and a fox caller and i seen to bright eyes look up at me and then duck back down, i waited a few seconds then i put the light back on it and it stayed where it was looking up for about 2 minutes, i can't work out if it is a fox or a cat.

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    Well you're right to be cautious. Safety mas I'm sure you know has to be the first priority so what I tell my son is ( and I hammer this home) if you don't know what it is, don't shoot it. There are some awful stories of shooting at "a pair of eyes" and killing or injuring another human being....

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    How far away from you would you say it is? Try to get down wind and walk slowly towards it.
    It could be a badger as they tend to do what you are explaining when feeding on earthworms and such like. Badgers have very poor eyesight but have good hearing and sense of smell so if you can get downwind you could get pretty close. That would be my guess as to what it might be. Let us know when you find out.


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