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Thread: Loads of deer on other but none on mine

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    Angry Loads of deer on other but none on mine

    I got up with the sparrows this morning and headed to my permission!, I didnt get 300yds out of the villiage before seening a group of 6 roe! so had a little glass at them headed off again, about 2 miles later as i topped a hill seen another group of about 12 this time Now i am thinking i ill have a good bag as i had promised a friend a pair of legs! a mile before my land i stopped got the talc puffer out! had a quite strong south westerly wind which is good for me! as i was pulling along the first feild i could see 3 roe out in the middle of the field ahh might be home for a fry up if this goes well! stopped in the yard got all my gear ready and made my way to a pile of stones that would give me some cover! this has taken about 20mins, but by the time i had got into position they had moved about 150yds across the field which ment the shot will be about 250+ yds as i was led waiting for a shot the wind is blowing a hoolie so decided not to take the shoot! wind and distance not good!.
    Packed up and moved on to the next permission thinking and hoping for a bit more luck i proced along a ride to a crossing which i know produces sat there for about an hour and i could hear the unfortunate sound of moto cross bike come through the vally! ******! thats it as they use a track about 300yds from my land!.
    Packed up and headed home EMPTY HANDED will have alook at the market garden later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    That's got to be one of the most frustrating things when you have deer all around you and luck is somewhere else. Sounds like you have the deer there though!

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    Sorry to hear your fish aren't biting.

    Where, precisely, is this land with all the deer that isn't yours? I promise I won't tell anybody.
    /l\ Y gwir yn erbyn y byd /l\

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    LOL just around the corner! past the big barn!

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    Quote Originally Posted by paul at barony View Post
    That's got to be one of the most frustrating things when you have deer all around you and luck is somewhere else. Sounds like you have the deer there though!


    No such thing is the,from what I have been told

    Someone once said to me , a competent stalker knows his land and can always get deerand it was nowt to do with luck.
    Not as if I believed a word of it mind
    (Wish there was a emicon for wetting thesen }

    I reckon its 85% luck you dont get one to 15% actually getting one

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    Funny thread to come across this morning! I was driving into the city yesterday and a patch of brown against some trees caught my eye. I pulled over and watched the biggest white-tail buck I have seen in a decade amble along the berm of an irrigation ditch. Beautiful animal.... two months after the season's end! ~Muir

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    I had a day in September with Jelen Deer Services. Mike sent me to a High seat overlooking a standing corn feild with instructions to shoot anything (in season ) that entered, there had been 70 Fallow there the night before.
    After an hour sitting in the seat just over the boundery apeared a Landrover with a Prat and his girl friend in it, they spent the next hour racing around the feild in the direction the deer where to come from so no deer, at last light I climbed down and took a walk down the edge of the feild and found a track made by the deer on the night before that was 3yds wide and as staight as an arrow from one wood to the copse with the high seat in it, so I was in the right place exept for the Prat

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