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    I would like to say thank you Stone for a night to remember, what a way to break my duck with a fabulous and very tastey Warwickshire Roe Buck courtesy of Mr Stone

    Well I did promise ages ago to do a little write up and post the pics of my first ever real stalk, although Stone says we didn't stalk per se, more of a walk around having a good chinwag
    I was going to post the article I was writing but it is quite long winded of iliad proportions, so as they say a picture paints a thousand words..

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    Well done mate. I had heard that it was a memorable evening. Congratulations. A fine buck.

    Also, I have to congratulate Stone. Gentlemen of his calibre are few and far between. Good job! (Keep those bucks happy, I am on my way!!!! )

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    Cheers Andy .. I know your name was originally on him but hey he looks much better in my freezer, and we have already had two great meals with friends out of him so far with many more to go

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    Well done Rob,
    A very nice buck! Stone is a good old fella and like many other site members is tireless in helping people achieve there stalking dreams. He has got me a couple of nice beasts and if you and Andy L havent shot them all out I have my name on a Warwickshire buck too!

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    Well done mate. The adrenaline is still pumping from my first buck. It`s one you won`t forget quickly.

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    Well done, nice Buck you got yourself there.

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    Well done Legal! and well done to Stone for helping another member out with some stalking.
    All the best,

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    well, well ,well, rob
    where do i start
    that evening was certainly a stalk that i will never forget
    i say stalk loosely as we never needed to stalk any of the beasts we saw that night, as they all came running to us
    but what a first buck to shoot
    the look on your face when you first saw it through the binos was something else
    then when you had grassed it with nicely placed shot
    the look on your face said it all,
    that was grattitude enough
    aren't you glad i convinced you to take the carcass home , with the neighbours butchery lesson and now some great venison all jointed up in your freezer
    i salute you rob
    some evening
    some chin wag
    one for the scrap book my friend

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    Well done Rob mate and to you too Stone, for taking the man out


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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy L

    (Keep those bucks happy, I am on my way!!!! )
    Andy realy looking forward to it mate, with any luck the bucks will be rutting well by then , and that can get the adrenaline going

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