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Thread: taking animals abroad for taxidermy

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    taking animals abroad for taxidermy

    hi all im off to portugal in feb boar hunting on a exchange sport kind of deal one of the portuguse lads who can here last month wanted me to post him two teal and two woodcock that he shot whilst here ,which i was going to do but being a tight northerner 35 quid with no garantees that it was legal to post frozen animals to portugal i thought better now my question is can i take them with me when i go or is it a no go if it is how can i go about getting them to him so he can get them stuffed

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    youll have to get them mounted here and take them with you , johnathan standing lives 10 minutes from you and he does a good job
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    Sorry Trouble but I beg to differ, unless the customs rules have changed very recently.

    I believe it is quite legal to import or export up to 1kg of fresh or frozen meat between EU member states. I have done so several times between UK and Italy and France. A word or two of caution though Swatty.

    If you put them in your hold luggage and it goes astray, the birds will eventually thaw and will you then want your case and clothes back after a week or two in a warm baggage hall? If you take the birds in your carry on bag it is possible the security guys will either make you check them in or confiscate them. The reason for this is that you may decide mid flight to use them as a weapon to try to hijack the aircraft. I kid you not, this is a fact and happened to me when I tried to take two frozen hares to Italy via France on Sleazy jet. (The hijacking of aircraft using frozen hares is clearly a high risk based on the number of times it has happened in the past).

    My advice is to wrap them well in newspaper then freezer bags, and put them in your suitcase. Wrapped like this they will remain frozen for several hours.

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    Get a taxidermist to skin and salt them etc for lighter/safer shipping. No spoilage if done right.

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    Really, what Monarch said is the most practical way to accomplish what you want.


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    Now that makes sense, never knew that was an available option.
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    Get a taxidermist to skin and salt them etc for lighter/safer shipping. No spoilage if done right.

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