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Thread: 223 for roe in Scotland

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    223 for roe in Scotland

    Being south of H's wall have been told that I must ask for specific condition "For use in scotland for roe" can anyone tell me if this is correct ?
    Am in the throws of renewing cert. and if this condition is correct it will save time if applied for now rather than later, cheers, ....callie

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    According to Cheshire Firearms you must have permission on land in Scotland to apply to shoot Roe with 22 centrefire but they think it is ok to make up the rules as they think it should be not as it is.

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    Can you not get " Deer legal to the calibre" Then Scotland would be automatic rather than spicees

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    Just to illustrate the validity of Cheshire being the "Bermuda triangle" of firearms licensing, I have .223 for Roe on ticket, for use in Scotland. ............. no mention of specific grounds.
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    At present my ticket states for munties and CWD in england and wales and no mention of scotland so I think a small postscript to my wish list( .243) is in order, it's the old adage thing I suppose " If you don't ask you don't get" and it would be a bit of a b*gger trailing all the way up to scotland to have someone say "Roe ain't on your ticket".
    Thanks for the replies lads....callie

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    You will need condition to "shoot roe deer in scotland with .223".

    I did have it on my FAC.When I lost the ground,they would not give me the condition at renewal.
    So I bought a .243 and got it for DEER,so I'll use that on invites (from mates) in scotland and payed days england etc.

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    Why on earth try and restrict yourself unduly? Most FLDs appear more than capable of trying to tie us in knots with restrictive conditions without us helping them.

    On the Firearms Form 101 Section 19, just put down in the 'reason' column 'Deer and any other lawful quarry'.

    No doubt the FLO will ask for some detail, which you can then discuss with them, but by keeping it as open as possible from the off you might just end up with the deer + AOLQ condition. If you get 'Deer, fox and vermin' you'll be able to use it for other legal deer species as well.
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    Forms duly sent, requests, 223 for roe in scotland, AOLQ, Staffs apparently not to keen on AOLQ, but we'll wait and see....callie
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    If they won't give it to you, tell them you're gonna need a bigger gun then
    "It's halfway down the hill, directly below that tree next to a rock that looks like a bell-end"

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    Si, have already applied for 243 on my renewal

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