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Thread: remmy 700 varmint laminated heavt barrel 243

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    remmy 700 varmint laminated heavt barrel 243

    I have a remington 700 varmint laminated 243 fitted with a timney trigger and decent mounts.I have had it from new and fired less than 1000 rds very accurate rifle.I have a slot for a 223 and need to sell the remmy to finance it or would prefer to do a swap with a suitable 223.Open to offers on the remmy but as i say would prefer a swap

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    how much?
    are the action and barrel stainless or blued?
    barrel length?
    any pics?


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    good condition just a ring mark from mod.Barrel 22 in 1/2 unf thread blued.would hope for around 400 but not sure of seconhand value (maybe someone on here has a better idea) .Will try and do some pics later in week but am not too clever at that sort of stuff thanks

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    sorry guys got a pic but cant upload it on here asking for a url adress or something,havent got a clue so will take irt off sale fro moment till i work thing out unless someoin local wants to look at it thanks

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    I have a ruger m77 hawe eye .233 and would be keen to do a deal. it has moderator and a reasonable Falcon 4-12x56 scope with 30mm tube. I have had it from new about 3 years almost and it has only fired about 250 rounds.... get back to me if your interested in arranging something.

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    Thanks conorkelly would be interested but may be quite difficult if you are right up in the highlands

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    Yea would have to work something out with my local firearms officer and dealer. etc i may be able to phone them tomorrow to see what i would have to do. Although it shouldn't be a problem. they are pretty good in the highlands. Would you be needing the mod and scope or is it just the rifle your wanting!

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    depends on thread on mod.I only have 1/2 in thread mods so if your thread is different may want the mod but would not need the scope

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