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    Im Dan from devon and im 'Devonoaks' son.
    I take part and enjoy quite a few country pursuits including rough shooting/pest control and lamping for rabbits. I also occasionly go with dad when he goes stalking and enjoy learning about it, this is a picture of me after we went to pilivon shoot.
    Cheers Dan
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    Hi Dan, I was talking to your dad about you he said you are a very clever lad, I am 12 years old and do roughly everythink you do.


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    Hi Jack,
    Yes i read your post it seems you enjoy the outdoor life the same as me.
    Have you done any shooting recently?


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    Went out lamping the other night seen a few rabbits and hares but we were after a fox, also went beating that was a good day.

    what about you ?


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    I went out yesterday and got a hen pheasant and a pigeon with the shotgun, i also got a squirel with the air rifle (they are a bit over populated here), Do you lamp on a pick up or by foot because we dont go at the moment because we would tear up the fields to much .


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    We go in my dads pick up he got a lamp attached to his roof and handle inside makes it much easier when raining or we use his quad on dry nights.

    Do you do abit of lamping then ?


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    Sounds good,
    Yes we do a bit but we do more in the summer because its dryer.

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    We do alot now because the fox's start mating and more come out.

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