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Thread: Key Board Warriors

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    Key Board Warriors

    We seem to be getting a few more key board warriors of late. In general these are idiots, trolls who tend to spout of and only join a site to cause issues. Then you get the coward who either Pm's members or mentions people whilst on another site, something they would not have the guts to do in front of someones face, so they hide themselves behind a computer.

    Either way this site does share information with other sites, and any threats and defaming of anyones character will be treated seriously and evidence kept. Some may think they can remain annonimous, well think on!!

    The SD site like many is monitored by other organisations, including the police. But these idiots fail to see it

    This site is here to help all stalkers, old and new alike, and has helped many into the world of deer management and stalking and good friendships have been formed and thats what this site is all about, helping people.


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    Here Here

    This sight has helped myself a great deal, and i have met a few off the site who have shown me whats what in the stalking comunity. Teckel ( Ron ) Benc ( Ben ) to name a couple. If people dont like what they read/ see dont come on the site.


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    No matter what walk of life you are in you always get some idiots
    Discretion assured
    - call us anytime, free on 0800 689 0857

    please visit our web site: uksha1
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    Unfortunately this is a problem everywhere on the net. I will say that sometimes people don't realise how their posts are coming across, and without the information from body language and tone of voice it's easy to misunderstand the intent of a persons posts.

    Of course, there ARE those who are obviously out to cause trouble, and making them aware that they CAN be traced, that they are not anonymous, often helps to get them to moderate their behaviour.

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    Quote Originally Posted by admin View Post
    This site is here to help all stalkers, old and new alike, and has helped many into the world of deer management and stalking and good friendships have been formed and thats what this site is all about, helping people.
    Hear! Hear! Manners maketh man.

    Thank you, admin.
    /l\ Y gwir yn erbyn y byd /l\

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    I think that 90% of this 'trolling' behaviou is down to just one really persistant person, recently evicted yet again ?? Always has the same MO, appears on several forums but has a particular liking for this one, which should be a compliment I think.

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    There is more than one person posting disguised threats, insults or just plain antagonistic replies on the site, topics are hijacked go way off thread, and some new members bullied with antagonistic/rude replies, the site is used by some as a platform to post you tube videos with no connection to Stalking what so ever, then there are the long range/head shots to do a bit of stirring. I've made many friends on this site, and after 30 years plus of stalking have gained some good ideas on here, its a shame that a small minority are tending to use the site for their own agenda to stir up trouble then slide back into their sad lonely world at times. deerwarden

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    We are aware and you will find there is now one less member.

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    Thumbs up troll

    This is an interesting topic and has raised its head several times.
    its funny that at our recent Sd members meeting the comment " I'd like to post more but fear getting put down".
    Thats real unfortunate as all decent members have something to contribute.
    I also find that on occasions when, what seems a simple question, it actually unearths something i didn't know or fully understand.
    We all have an opinion and have a right to say it.
    Trolls do tend to be disruptive because they may be jealous of the fact they cannot integrate with normal people.

    Its a new year and hope that we all can get along.
    you know what they say.

    Good shot reload


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    There is a place on this planet for all of God's creatures, right next to my tatties and gravy!!!

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