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Thread: troublesome fox

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    troublesome fox

    hi all i have had trouble with a fox for a few weeks now on my permission the farmer has a free range chicken shed that holds around 1500 chickens which go outside and roam free it has high fences and the farmer thaught that they would be safe how wrong he was . a dog fox has been climbing the fences to get to the chickens and we found 35 the other week dead i have been out every night for a couple of weeks but no luck it doesnt help as the farmer keeps altering the routine of the hatches and often goes round with a torch which i managed to agree to not do and to only do what he needed with the chickens and come away without any disturbance .it was my thaughts that he has been coming during the day as i havnt seen any signs on a night . well sat morning i was up well before dark and went down to have a look round but needed to be at work sat morning so left at 8 am no fox but manged to see the deer numbers are good and can take some as soon as i get this fox .i finished work at 2pm and went back now decided to use the chicken shed roof as my seat as i can see right round the 200 acres i watched roe all around and in total saw 17 all in really good condition and a really nice buck in velvet time was getting near to 4pm by now and as i was glassing the wood saw out of the corner of my eye a ginger flash i quicky turned to get a proper look and there he was and about half the field away was the vixen now this bugger was running across the middle of the field keeping the wind in his favour .but wasnt coming any closer running parallel with the shed and i was at the wrong end of the shed so i steadied myself called out while he was in my sights for him to stop but kept on going so i let the 130 grain fly and down he went i looked back for the vixen but she was off in the other direction so result . i went out to retrieve him and he was in fab condition and very big . i rang the farmer to come down who was chuffed to bits ,atb wayne

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    You got him at last mate, now get at them deer.
    regards john.

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    thanks john ,i have stalked into the deer quite a few times now and had them in my crosshairs but left them as i wanted the fox first i have been watching where they go at different times of the day so its been good practice ,atb wayne

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    Well done,

    Couple of comments. Would have been better to have shot the vixen first, particularly at this time of the year, also suprised you could tell what sex either was!!

    We have similar problems, often with lots of free range chickens they just dive in and grab one and off they go, happens v quick. Bating with a old well dead hen can be usefull, remember to peg it down. In the am the crows and buzzards will be on it v quickly and foxs dont miss a trick for a free meal.


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    hi cyres i only new it was a dog fox after the event but the vixen was at least half a field behind and wasnt sure the dog was going to stick around ,or if i would get a better shot presentation its been a few weeks of looking for these so took the one shot.i just need to keep going back now for any more as im sure the smell of the chickens will bring them in and thanks for the tips as they will come in handy i found a chicken in distress mp3 so will give that a go as well,atb wayne

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    Quote Originally Posted by mereside View Post
    hi cyres i only new it was a dog fox after the event
    Wayne some of the foxes i've seen recently walking away in the scope have ******** the size of rugby balls(easy to tell), they are at the mo breeding.
    Sometimes you will see a vixen squat to pee which is a dead give away.
    The dogs around here are usually quite large and have thick necks and bulkier noses then vixens which can be quite slim.
    It all depends how long you look before you squeeze.

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    cheers john he didnt get long in the crosshairs i must admit, i didnt want him getting away ,atb wayne

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    Quote Originally Posted by mereside View Post
    cheers john he didnt get long in the crosshairs i must admit, i didnt want him getting away ,atb wayne
    Well done with getting him at last Wayne.

    I hope my MP3's may also help with the vixen.


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    Nice reply, was a little tongue in check! Occasionally I seen a fox scent mark so it is possible to sex them at range. MP3 idea could be very usefull. Ours will not come to a rabbit squeak.


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    hi mate thats been my trouble there isnt a single rabbit anywhere near the farm and they dont seem bothered with hares,i suspect that 1500 daft chickens is far easier than a hare,atb wayne

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